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Choose an affordable and flexible package to suit your lifestyle 

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  • Introductory Package

    One Payment - 2 Week Expiry 

    New to Aerial Arts Studio?

    Choose ANY 3 adult classes to try out.




  • Basic Membership

    Monthly Payment - 2 month commitment 

    5 Lessons Per Month

    Includes ANY Adult Session



  • Gemini Membership

    Monthly Payment - 2 month commitment 

    8 Lessons Per Month

    Includes ANY Adult Session



  • Scorpio Membership

    Monthly Payment - 2 month commitment 

    12 Lessons per month

    2 FREE Flexibility Classes Per Month

    Book ANY Adult Session



How it works

Aerial Arts Studio have designed membership packages to suit all!  

Whether you wish try Pole/Silks/Hoop or any other classes offered, each membership entitles members to any core and maintenance classes taught by Aerial Arts Studio along with the allocated number of practice sessions.  Memberships are extremely flexible, which enables students to use up their purchased lessons in what ever way suits them/their lifestyle! 

How do I become a member?

Locate the membership you wish to signup to (above), click 'Book' and follow the link.  Payments are taken out via direct debt, which is very easy to set up via our Bookings System 'Go Team Up' which you'll access upon booking. All Terms and Conditions, policies, disclaimers etc can all be read and/safely be completed while booking online. 

Once you're a member you're free to schedule your classes up to 28 days in advance!



We require 48 hours cancellation notice for classes you can no longer attend. When 48hrs hours cancelation is given, class credits will be returned in order to book an alternative class.  If you'd like to come out of your membership plan, you 're free to go onto your account, cancel your membership to the date that suits you. 30 Days notice is required, Team Up will then take one last payment, payments will then stop. Therefore you're effectively committing to 2 months. 

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