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Aerial Hoop

Learn to move with Strength, Style and Grace

Aerial Hoop is a circular piece of steel apparatus, suspended from ceiling, allowing aerialists to explore tricks in and around the hoop. Aerial Arts Studio has made equipment accessible for all, therefore the aerial hoops are in a range of sizes and can be lowered or raised.

Aerial Hoop is an extremely fun activity for all to enjoy! Starting at basic strengthening exercises and beginner poses, to more complex aerial combinations performed with control and confidence. Classes are professionally designed to improve students’ strength and fitness, enabling them to make noticeable progress every lesson.

Aerial Arts Studios lead Aerial Hoop Instructor Clare is highly experienced and qualified to teach all abilities, enabling all students to feel safe and challenged.

Aerial Arts Studio offers Aerial Hoop lessons to young children, teens and adults. For details on our fantastic Aerial Kids classes, please click here

What to expect in an Aerial Hoop lesson -

A warm-up, focusing on mobilisation, pulse raising, conditioning and basic stretches.

Conditioning exercises, improving strength and revisiting fundamentals of Hoop training.

Tricks and Combinations: up to three tricks/ combinations.  Regressions (easier options) and progressions (harder options) will be given to those who require it, making every lesson accessible for everyone.

Recap: A moment for students to practice something previously learnt at Aerial Arts Studio. 

A cool down will take place at the end of every lesson. Bringing the heart rate down, focusing in and stretching out all the main muscles groups.

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