Mini Tricksters (age 4-6)



(age 7 plus)


Aerial Classes for all children, from all walks of life...


About Tricksters Classes

Tricksters was originally founded by Pole Dynamics in 2018. Pole fitness has become increasingly popular amongst youngsters, with many taking the sport/art seriously and competing at a seriously high level.  Since the opening of our purpose built Aerial studio, our Tricksters have began learning Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silks, with some executing extremely advanced and breath taking skills. Aerial Arts Studio encourage students to be ambitious and strive towards their goals, whether it be competing or developing confidence and improving physical skills.

Aerial Arts Studio have a growing number of children (boys and girls), learning all the foundations of Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop.  Flexibility training and conditioning off the pole are also elements seen every lesson.   Tricksters develop some beautiful friendships and learn a huge amount of transferable skills, setting them up physically, emotionally and socially for the big wide world. 


Please enquire to find out availability for trials!


*Children are allocated a class according to their ability. 

*An initial 2 month commitment

*Payments are via direct debit and can be cancelled with 30 days notice

*Missed classes cannot be carried over/alternative sessions are unlikely although possible with notice. 


Parent Observation Policy

The studio is a safe space, where children will feel they can develop their own identity, confidence and learn to think for themselves. By asking parents to leave their child in our very capable hands during the session, students are able to focus and train without emotional boundaries effecting progress, it also enables those less confident to feel safe knowing there’s nobody unfamiliar observing.


Tricksters lead instructor Hannah is highly qualified, DBS checked, insured and First Aid trained.  Find out more about Hannah.

Mini Tricksters (age 4-6)

Tuesdays     16:15

Wednesdays 16:15 

Aerial Hoop and Silks for our tiny Aerialists! A fun and engaging session, developing strength, skill, technique, flexibility, coordination, social skills and confidence!


These sessions are 45 minutes 

Tricksters (age 7 Plus)
Beginner - Intermediate 

Tuesdays    17:15

Thursdays  16:20

Thursdays  17:30

Saturdays     9:10

Sundays     16:10

Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silks for our age range 7 plus! Children work on all elements of Aerial, building strong foundations and skills ready for more challenging tricks! 

These sessions are 60 minutes


Those age 14 and above may feel more comfortable in our adult classes, please have a chat with us. 

Tricksters (age 7 Plus)       Advanced 

Saturdays   10:20

Sundays     17:15

Once our members have covered our Beginner - Intermediate syllabus and have a very good knowledge of both Aerial Hoop and Silks, with a good amount of strength, they will be invited to join our more Advanced Classes. Classes are designed with those who attend in mind, therefore no matter the class they attend, they will be challenged appropriately. 

These sessions are 60 minutes. 

The future generation of Aerialists!

“Our goal is to help young people discover a new skill to be proud of, which amongst other things, builds strength, flexibility, confidence and develops social skills.” 


- Aerial Arts Studio