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Please contact us to book a trial for our Acrobatic Arts Classes or Aerial Classes. Due to strict COVID-19 preventative strategies in place, we have extremely limited space for these popular classes! 

*Spaces Available - Aerial (age 4-6)*

How it works

Aerial Arts Studio have designed membership packages to suit all!  

How do I sign my child up for a membership?

Please contact us to check availability. Once you have a space reserved, sign up to the recommended membership plan, Admin will then reserve your space on the agreed class.  Payments are taken out via direct debt, which is very easy to set up via our Bookings System 'Team Up' which you'll access upon booking. All Terms and Conditions, policies, disclaimers etc can all be read and/safely be completed while booking online. 


If you're child is unable to attend a session, you may ask if there is space on that week for an alternative class, however spaces are limited and this is not guaranteed. Credits are not 'banked' or refunded if missed. 

If you'd like to come out of your membership plan, you 're free to go onto your account, cancel your membership to the date that suits you. 30 Days notice is required, Team Up will take one last payment, payments will then stop. Therefore you're effectively committing to 2 months.