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Pole Fitness/Dance

Learn to move with Strength, Style and Grace

Pole Dance/Fitness has evolved dramatically amount over the past 15 years, it has increasingly been taught as a form of fitness to help women and men of all types to lose weight, tone and improve strength. For those who wish to dedicate much of their time to the art and take to the stage in a professional environment, there are many national and international competitions to be a part of.

Aerial Arts Studio embraces all paths the pole dancing industry has taken, teaching all elements and continuing to develop with the evolution of pole. The brilliant fact about pole dancing ‘it can be whatever you want it to be’, whether it's contemporary, balletic, fitness/sport based or exotic. Undeniably, no matter the style of pole, it’s incredibly impressive to watch and a challenging hobby to take up!

 Pole Fitness with Aerial Arts Studio

All of Aerial Arts Studio Instructors are extremely experienced and highly qualified to teach pole fitness, with many competitive titles amongst instructors and students, one could say 'pole' is the foundations of Aerial Arts Studio! 

Aerial Arts Studio core pole fitness/dance classes, are all taught with a ‘fitness’ approach, some classes may involve small combinations and flowing transitions, but the majority of classes will consist of building strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and development of pole skills/tricks. Everyone will leave each lesson feeling energised and proud of their progress.

Aerial Arts Studio has a syllabus in which is used to plan lessons effectively, adopting the ethos to help students progress every lesson and feel a sense of achievement when they’ve walked out of the studio. Therefore, all lessons are planned to suit the individual class, with each student in mind. This enables all instructors to step away from a 'set syllabus' and adapt effectively to student needs, teaching at an incredibly high standard and gaining better results.

Aerial Arts Studio advanced knowledge in pole fitness enables instructors to cover all aspects of pole including spinning pole, static pole, doubles, flow, flexibility training, conditioning, floor acro and more. Needless to say, there's always something to learn and perfect with Aerial Arts Studio. 

Aerial Arts Studios lead Pole Instructor Hannah Selden, founder of Aerial Arts Studio (2019) and Pole Dynamics (2010), is highly experienced and qualified to teach all ages and abilities, with 17 years of pole fitness experience, 13 years teaching and competing professionally, Hannah has a huge passion for all aspect of pole fitness.  

Aerial Arts Studio offers Pole Fitness as a part of Aerial Classes to  young children, teens and adults. For details on our fantastic Aerial Kids classes, please click here


What to expect in a Pole Fitness lesson -

A warm-up, focusing on mobilisation, pulse raising, conditioning and basic stretches.

Conditioning exercises, improving strength and revisiting fundamentals of pole fitness.

Tricks and Combinations: up to three tricks/ combinations.  Regressions (easier options) and progressions (harder options) will be given to those who require it, making every lesson accessible for everyone.

Recap: A moment for students to practice something previously learnt at Aerial Arts Studio. 

A cool down will take place at the end of every lesson. Bringing the heart rate down, focusing in and stretching out all the main muscles groups.

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